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Weejo: Iran’s Alibaba

Weejo: Iran’s AlibabaWeejo: Iran’s Alibaba

Iran’s first online business-to-business, consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer website has been unveiled. Called Wejoo the site touts itself as Iran’s first online marketplace where consumers and businesses alike can sell their wholesale products in a more efficient manner than previously, WEBNA reported on Saturday.

Omid Asghari, the company’s managing director announced the website will be launched in the upcoming weeks which will give businesses around the country an opportunity to expand their sales to new markets.

Asghari said Weejo is the first dedicated business network database in Iran, adding that after two years of market research and feasibility studies and reviews, the group decided to set it up in its present format.

The CEO went on to say that Weejo replicates other famous websites like China’s , which was listed on the New York Stock Exchange on September 19. Alibaba said in 2012 the company earned over 1.1 trillion Chinese yuan ($170b), and its value is estimated at $231b according Forbes magazine.

Weejo is expected to have representative companies from several industries listing their products in the tried and tested B2B manner. The company also aims to have a new live pricing index to keep up with the ever changing rates of foreign currencies.

Asghari described the platform as the best way to get businesses interested in broadening their sales reach to other cities around Iran.