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Copper Tops IME Trade

Copper Tops IME Trade Copper Tops IME Trade

The week’s trade at the Iran Mercantile Exchange (ended on December 17) recorded more than 412 and 76 percent hike in copper trade volume and value, respectively, IME’s public relations and international affairs office reported.

Various trading floors during the week’s five trading days at the IME played host to almost 353,000 tons of different commodities, offered to both local customers and overseas buyers.

The report said that more than 168,000 tons of commodities, valued close to 3 billion rials, were offered on the local and export trading floors. During the week, about 99,000 tons of various steel sections, 50,000 tons of iron ore, 14,600 tons of copper, 3,500 tons of aluminum, and 100 tons of molybdenum concentrate were put up for bids for potential customers on the mining and industrial trading floor. Moreover, 400 tons of industrial coke, 15 tons of precious metal concentrate, and 2 kg of gold bullion were purchased by traders from December 13 through December 17. The report further mentioned that a total of 184,000 tons of various commodities, worth almost 3.36 trillion rials, were supplied on the oil and petrochemical trading floor for local and export purposes.

Close to 85,000 tons of bitumen for different applications, 23,000 tons of polymers, 58,000 tons of vacuum bottom, 2,000 tons of lube-cut oil, almost 14,000 tons of chemicals, 1,470 tons of sulfur, 240 tons of roof insulation, and 70 tons of various feedstock and gases were supplied for potential customers on the oil and petrochemical trading floor.

Trade on the agricultural trading floor was not as bustling as the previous trading week, as it played host only to 990 tons of corn, 205 tons of barley, and 15 tons of rapeseed meal.