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Center for Financial Advisory Services in Health Sector in Iran

Saeed BodaghiSaeed Bodaghi

Amin Investment Company CEO, Saeed Bodaghi, announced the initiation of “Center for Health Solutions” as the first center for financial advisory services in health sector, stating: “The company has strategically reoriented the main part of its financial advisory services in three specialized centers, including “Electricity and Energy Solutions Center”, “TMT Solutions Center” and “Center for Health Solutions”.

“Since the lack of financial resources is the major obstacle to the development of health services in the country, we tried to contribute to the promotion of health services as an executive and consulting arm by inaugurating the first center for the provision of financial advisory services to health entrepreneurs,” he continued. The “Center for Health Solutions provides comprehensive services such as investment services, end-to-end advisory and capital raising services for entrepreneurs of health sector including pharmaceutical companies, research companies, healthcare organizations, medical device suppliers and so on”.

Amin Investment Company CEO and the board member, Saeed Bodaghi, also stated, “Our country has about one percent of the world’s population, but the country’s pharmaceutical industry has not developed proportionally”. He mentioned that neglecting the potentials of financing via the capital market is the most important reason for the insufficient growth of the pharmaceutical industry in Iran compared with developed countries, adding: “As an empowering company, Amin Investment plans to provide financial advisory services, which used to be mainly provided in the form of financing solutions from the capital market to various customers, in a focused and specialized manner.

Bodaghi added: “In order to provide special services to the pharmaceutical industry, Amin Investment Company has put extensive studies on the challenges and potentials of the Iranian pharmaceutical market on its agenda. In this regard, we studied the most important reports of international institutions about the pharmaceutical market in Iran to enter consciously into the pharmaceutical industry. The result of this effort is “An Analytical Report on the Iranian Pharmaceutical Market and Industry”, a summary of which is going to be presented by my colleagues at the Iran-Pharma exhibition to Iran’s pharmaceutical industry entrepreneurs and audiences.

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