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New Chief at SEO

New Chief at SEONew Chief at SEO

The Stock Exchange High Council has formally appointed Mohammad Fetanatfard as the new chairman of the Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO), during a meeting held on Monday's afternoon, ISNA reported.

Choosing from a few contestants, the council's members, including Ali Tayebnia, Iranian minister of economic affairs and finance, accepted the resignation of the incumbent SEO chairman Ali Salehabadi, announcing Mohammad Fetanatfard as the organization's new chief.

According to the law, the SEO board members will introduce the new chief once Fetanatfard takes oath at the council, and then he is legally authorized to take the helm at the SEO.

The report said that Fetanatfard was already appointed as the new SEO board member. Once the formalities are done, the new chairman can assume chairmanship. Hence, outgoing Salehabadi can keep working as the SEO chief till the upcoming council's meeting that is going to be held later this week.