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Why Is Public Relations Essential for Foreign Companies in Iran?

In order to successfully penetrate the market and influence Iranian lives and minds, foreign companies primarily need to be able to communicate with them.In order to successfully penetrate the market and influence Iranian lives and minds, foreign companies primarily need to be able to communicate with them.

With the recent changes in Iran’s economic landscape and lifting of economic sanctions against the country, foreign companies now see a chance to take this opportunity and enter Iran’s market again.

A couple of decades ago, Iranian products and services could not compete with foreign products in the domestic market. As they offered a certain level of standards and quality expected by consumers, foreign products used to enjoy guaranteed market acceptance in Iran, beating Iranian products at their home.

This is no longer the case!

The import of technology and machinery has added to years of investment in local branding. While foreign companies were swept off the Iranian market, Iranian brands managed not only to upgrade the quality of their products and services, but to also develop a brand identity much stronger than the ones lost by their foreign counterparts.

Nowadays, apart from marketing methods, there is probably no better competitive option left for the foreign companies entering Iran’s market than to adopt effective public relations techniques.

The new generation of Iranian consumers, kept away from international markets for a long time, did not get the chance of becoming acquainted with international brands. They now have the opportunity to get to know international market players anew.

Despite the efforts behind local campaigns such as “Iranians, Buy Iranian Products” and the constructive thoughts behind protecting local industries, nothing seems to be of a higher value to Iran’s economy than a healthy free-market competition.

And here is where foreign companies face a real challenge: How to introduce themselves and how to use the local knowledge for marketing and public relations.

These days, foreign companies investing in Iran are no longer limited to a short list of oil and gas holdings or automakers. We now see chain restaurants such as Tele Pizza, Franck Provost European chain of Hair Salons and other consumer-level businesses popping up in different cities of Iran. This means that we should expect a whole variety of international brands and businesses to soon crowd the Iranian market.

In order to successfully penetrate the market and influence Iranian  lives and minds, foreign companies primarily need to be able to communicate with them. Here is where public relations come in and can help foreign companies in a variety of ways:

 Industry Communications

Foreign companies with limited capital and knowledge about Iran will find themselves confused and lost in this market. For an effective entry into Iran’s market, these companies need “community relations” that will help them not only in getting acquainted with industry players, but to also use the big players’ help in finding their own place in the market.

 Government Communications

Nothing creates a stronger headache for foreign businesses than the Iranian red tape, local business culture, thousands of written and unwritten laws and regulations and the country’s complex bureaucratic structure.

Effective and knowledgeable public relations professionals will help you avoid these traps and take each step safely and effectively.

 Media Communications

Just as it was the case with the entry of McDonald’s and Burger King into Iran’s market, it is always possible that a wave of negative news and views will fill the media, all to work against the newcomer. It is important to consult a public relations agency before entering Iran, so that you can create a reliable entry strategy for Iran’s market.

 Branding Infrastructure

To successfully penetrate a new market, you need to change your narrative and adjust it to the taste and understanding of the local consumers. Try to use a knowledgeable consultant who can advise you on how to rebrand yourself according to Iran’s market requirements and successfully convey your message to the Iranian society. All international corporations follow a standard framework, but localize their facade according to each country’s culture and values to have a successful presence in local markets.

 An Agency With Int’l Experience

Use only public relations agencies that are equipped with international experience. These agencies can offer you both in-depth, valuable knowledge about Iran and are also familiar with your situation as a foreign entity. Also keep in mind that an advertisement agency is not what you are looking for. What you need is professional public relations and planners who can help you achieve your goals.

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