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New SEZ in Ardebil Province

New SEZ in Ardebil ProvinceNew SEZ in Ardebil Province

The representative for the towns of Khalkhal and Kowsar in the parliament, Jalil Jaafari, has said that a special economic zone will be set up in the northern Ardebil Province.

He said the establishment of a special economic zone in the southern part of the province will be done with the aim of improving the region’s economic condition and boosting business for the local manufacturers, according to IRNA.

He further stated that the establishment of the special economic zone near the city of Ardebil was proposed to the cabinet, who agreed with the idea. Jaafari also said he consulted with the minister of industry, mine and trade, who agreed with the plan. The minister has pledged to help initiate the project in the coming months.

The parliamentarian also said that, presently, there are a large number of applications for setting up production units in Khalkhal industrial town. Jaafari added that soon 100 hectares of the land will be transferred to the township for its development.

He said efforts are being made to develop Khalkhal industrial town and, in the meantime, establish two more industrial towns in the area.

Jaafari also pointed out that when operational, the area would become a major source for construction stones and raw material for industrial purposes. “This is expected to help resolve the issue or long-term unemployment, which has affected many households in the rural areas of Ardebil Province,” he asserted.

He called on the ministry of industry, mine and trade to help with the construction of new industrial towns in Ardebil Province.