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New Mines in Khorasan

New Mines in Khorasan  New Mines in Khorasan

A local industry official said that 33 mines have became operational, with estimated mineral reserves of 716 million tons in total, since the beginning of the current Iranian year (started March 21) in the northeastern province of Khorasan Razavi, ILNA reported. The general director of the provincial organization of industry, mine and trade, Razieh Alirezaei, further said that private sector has largely contributed to the launch of these new mining projects in the province, adding that travertine, limestone, slate, earthen plaster, marble, sand, manganese, bentonite, iron ore, clay, chromite, barite, silica, kaolin, and industrial rock salt are the minerals being extracted from the new mining projects. Razieh Alirezaei stated that the total annual extraction capacity of the mines reaches almost 870,000 tons, adding that metals, non-metals, and raw materials are the main mineral categories of this province. The new projects have, according to Alirezaei, created more than 259 job opportunities for the locals.