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IME Weekly Report

 IME Weekly Report IME Weekly Report

Various trading floors at the Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) played host to more than 347,000 tons of commodities valued at almost 6.27 trillion rials during the past trading week, the IME’s public relations and international affairs office reported.

More than 126,000 of various commodities, worth close to 2.9 trillion rials, were reportedly offered on the industrial and mining trading floor both for export purposes and local markets.

Almost 119,000 tons of steel sections, 2,860 tons of copper, 3,800 tons of aluminum, 100 tons of molybdenum concentrates, 700 tons of industrial coke, 60 tons of zinc ingots, and 12 tons of precious metals concentrate were among the commodities were up for grabs on this floor.

Oil and petrochemical floor saw trading of an overall 220,000 tons of oil-based commodities, valued more than 3.36 trillion rials.

Close to 107,000 tons of bitumen of various grades, 26,000 tons of polymers, 55,000 tons of vacuum bottom, 10,000 tons of different lube-cut oils, 19,000 tons of chemicals, 1,720 tons of sulfur, 2,000 tons of slack wax, 640 tons of roof insulation, and 90 tons of gases and feedstock were among the commodities supplied for customers on the oil and petrochemical trading floor.

The IME report added that close to 904 tons of corn and 75 tons of sugar was offered on the agricultural trading floor through the week from December 6-10.