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15 Foreign Companies Investing in AFZ

15 Foreign Companies Investing in AFZ15 Foreign Companies Investing in AFZ

The director of Aras Free Zone Organization said the most important thing for the northern trade zone is to develop more industrial projects by attracting foreign investors.

Khadem Arab-Baghi made the comments via the public relations office of the Aras Free Zone website. He said there is a room for cooperation between Iran and its neighboring countries through joint parliamentary committees and the joint trade commissions. “The continuation of good cooperation between the neighboring countries is crucial to the development of the free zone,” he added.

Arab-Baghi said currently, 15 foreign industrial companies have been established and nearly 400 new industrial units are under construction in the northeastern free zone. “These new units will create job opportunities for seven thousand people,” he said. “Armenians, for instance, with their expertise in the areas of mechanics, electronics, and agriculture can start activities here in the field of machinery construction.”

Arab-Baghi went on to say that Aras free zone, is a “very important trade hub” in Iran and has made considerable progress in recent years in the fields of manufacturing, industry, agriculture, mining, commerce and exports; thus, businessmen and investors from neighboring countries can benefit from the good advantages in the area to boost economic exchanges.