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Iranian Public Firms Account for 23% of GDP

Iranian Public Firms Account for 23% of GDPIranian Public Firms Account for 23% of GDP

Iran's publicly traded companies account for about 23% of the country’s GDP, excluding crude oil.

According to Securities and Exchange News Agency, the aggregate production of companies listed on Tehran Stock Exchange and Iran Fara Bourse stood at a combined 2.13 quadrillion rials ($56.05 billion) during the three quarters to December 20, 2016.

The biggest contributors included producers of oil by-products, coke (fuel), nuclear fuel, petrochemicals, auto, auto parts and base metals.

Iran's GDP, excluding oil, was 9.3 quadrillion rials ($244.73 billion) for the period.

According to the Central Bank of Iran, the Iranian economy grew 11.9% during the three quarters, excluding growth in the oil sector and 1.9%, including it.

The Statistical Center of Iran has put nine-month growth at 7.2% with oil and 5% without it.

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