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Gold Coin Prices Reverse Irrational Surge

Gold Coin Prices Reverse Irrational SurgeGold Coin Prices Reverse Irrational Surge

Gold coin price dropped on Monday, after an irrational bull run on the previous day had sent it to a new high in Tehran market.

The benchmark coin was sold for 11.99 million rials ($320), registering the same price as on Saturday, IBENA reported.

In the foreign exchange market, the Qatari riyal’s exchange rate remained unchanged since the first day of the Iranian business week (Saturday).

The Qatari riyal exchanged for 10,000 rials in the open market, which has remained steady after Qatar’s rift with its neighbor sent its currency tumbling.

The greenback was traded at 37,300 rials and 32,456 rials in the open and official market respectively with a decrease of 0.5 and 2 rials. Euro remained steady and was sold for 42,490 rials.

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