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Knowledge-Based Economy Needs Change

Knowledge-Based Economy Needs ChangeKnowledge-Based Economy Needs Change

The necessity of implementing knowledge-based projects whilst understanding cultural issues was stressed by the Vice President for Science and Technology in a meeting with the Leader’s representative in Bushehr province on Monday evening.

“If we fail to consider the cultural aspects of projects, their implementation may give rise to further problems,” said Sorena Sattari.

Underlining the role of universities in Bushehr province in helping to develop areas like fisheries, oil, gas, and energy, he referred to a research project for producing Specific Pathogen-Free (SPF) shrimp, which is being conducted in Bushehr province, as one of the most important knowledge-based projects in the province for which the cultural requirements have been observed.

 “The implementation of the SPF-shrimp project will enhance investment in fisheries,” said Sattari, who added that the government will lend full support to the project.

Describing the status of the province in international arena as significant, considering major local industries in the field of gas, petrochemicals, and a nuclear power plant, Sattari said the role of the knowledge-based firms in conducting plans and projects has proven to be successful, and now the most important priority of these firms is to commercialize their products.