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Hamedan Unveils Major Mining Project

Hamedan Unveils Major Mining Project  Hamedan Unveils Major Mining Project

The minister of industry, mine and trade has called for the acceleration of investment in an iron ore concentrate plant in Hamedan Province, IRNA reported on Tuesday.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of Asadabad iron ore concentrate mine, Mohammadreza Nematzadeh stressed the importance of implementing the entire process of production, from the beginning of extraction through the output of a finished product, inside the province so as to eliminate the need for sending the raw material to other provinces for processing.

He addressed high capabilities of the province in providing raw material to the relevant industries, adding that “regarding the rate of industrial development, the number of mines, and the agricultural sector development, Hamedan among the most capable provinces in Iran.”

Nematzadeh also announced that a silica production unit with more than 95 percent physical progress is about to be launched in Hamedan. The new facility would largely contribute to the development of the local mining sector, the minister asserted.

“A higher rate of investment in mining and agricultural sectors of the province will obviously provide more job opportunities for the young population here,” Nematzadeh said.

In other areas, the western province of Hamedan is witnessing a rapid expansion of its major roads, as well as the development of industrial infrastructures.