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Migrants Constitute 88% of Tehran Population Growth

Migrants Constitute 88% of Tehran Population GrowthMigrants Constitute 88% of Tehran Population Growth

The findings of the recent National Population and Housing Census show population growth in Tehran is mainly driven by a large influx of migrants, rather than a natural increase in population, i.e. the difference between the birthrate and death rate.

Tehran’s migrant population has increased to 20.2% of the country’s total number of immigrants from 17.7% in the fiscal 2011-12. The population of Tehran currently stands at 8.73 million.

Migrants have constituted as much as 88% of the rise in Tehran’s population (1.084 million) over the past five years, Ministry of Roads and Urban Development reported.

As per the findings of the recent census, Iran’s population stands at over 79.92 million, which is about 4.77 million more compared to the previous figure registered in 1390.

Migrant population saw a 15% decline in the country to stand at 4.7 million from 5.53 million five years ago. However, the rate of migrant population decline in Tehran was about 3% over the past five years. This has led to an 8% rise in population of Tehran compared to the average 6% population growth in the country.

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