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ICCIM Supports Special Exhibitions

ICCIM Supports Special ExhibitionsICCIM Supports Special Exhibitions

The director of provincial affairs for Iran Chamber of Commerce, Mozafar Alikhani said the setting up of specialized exhibitions as a tool for the development of exports is a priority for the country and said Iran Chamber will provide facilities for its affiliated organizations to set up specialized exhibitions, reported IRNA.

Underlining the importance of specialized exhibitions such as the Elecomp, he said many companies from different countries participate in these exhibitions.

“These countries can become acquainted with latest achievements capacities in the field of information technology.”

Holding exhibitions will also provide an opportunity for Iran to be linked with modern technologies of the world and attract foreign investment and along them gain access to qualitative targets in economy.

Referring to the current Elecomp Expo being held at the Tehran Permanent International Fairground, he said the exhibition has been set up with the efforts of information technology and communication organizations and among important points is the support of the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance, Virtual Space High Council of Iran Chamber and other related institutes.

Meanwhile, he added, the Trade Promotion Organization has helped with organizing the exhibition.

However, he deplored the absence of several government organizations in the exhibition and said it was mainly due to lack of coordination.

He then referred to the country’s capabilities in different fields as the main outcome of the exhibitions and stressed that in the contemporary world development of exports and creating job opportunities through high-level technologies and knowledge-based fims play a key role as they produce value added and employment and at the same time make exit from recession possible.