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Scrap Metals From Iraq, Afghanistan Banned

Scrap Metals From Iraq, Afghanistan BannedScrap Metals From Iraq, Afghanistan Banned

The Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration has banned the import of scrap metals from Iraq and Afghanistan following a request from the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran.

According to Ali Aliabadi Farahani, an official with TPO, scraps from the two countries were found to be contaminated with nuclear radiations and chemicals, and in some consignments contained unexploded ordnance.  

“Scraps [from Iraq and Afghanistan] are mostly from exploded tanks and weapons. Investigations carried out by the Ministry of Health indicated that their import could pose health risks to users,” IRICA told Financial Tribune.

Scrap imports from Afghanistan faced no limitations up until now. Imports from Iraq, however, required permits from relevant organizations such as the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, ILNA reported.

According to industry experts, Iranian steel mills’ annual demand for scrap metal stands at 5 million tons, half of which needs to be met by imports.

Scrap currently makes up less than 15% of Iranian mills' annual feedstock due to the commodity’s scarcity and lack of infrastructure for large-scale imports.

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