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Startups Account for 0.8% of Iran’s GDP

Startups Account for 0.8% of  Iran’s GDPStartups Account for 0.8% of  Iran’s GDP

Startups account for 0.8% of Iran’s gross domestic product, the deputy for education, research and technology with the Ministry of Industries, Mining and Trade said.

“The ministry plans to guide production and economic enterprises toward knowledge-based activities through collaborations between the industrial sector and universities,” Barat Qobadian was also quoted as saying by IRNA.

According to Hassan Aqa-Kassiri, the head of the ministry’s Technology Development and Advanced Industries Center, as of October 2016, Iran had a total of 2,715 startup businesses, 239 of which were industrial companies.

Industrial startups account for more than 8% of all the knowledge-based companies in Iran, yet register 72% of the entire sales of knowledge-based products.

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