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Insurance, Development Confab

Insurance, Development Confab Insurance, Development Confab

The 21st national and seventh international conference on ‘Insurance and Development’ will be held today (Dec. 4), at the IRIB International Conference Center, the PR office of the Central Insurance Company reported on Wednesday.

The conference is organized by the Insurance Research Center of Iran – an affiliate of Central Insurance of Iran – on the occasion of the National Insurance Day, said Ghadir Mahdavi, head of IRC.  

With a focus on ‘customer orientation’ in the insurance industry, the main themes of the conference include identifying future customers, retention techniques as well as developing customer satisfaction programs.

Examining the global experience of the insurance industry in the field of customer orientation and the relation between information and communicational technology (ICT) and customer orientation are areas that will be discussed. The event will also look at the role of supervision in promoting customer orientation and the role of NGO’s and professional communities in supporting clients.

The conference will also examine issues such as employee training programs, corporate governance and managerial aspects of insurance companies; transparency and information dissemination; customer relationship management (CRM); insurance market and competitiveness; building customer loyalty; regulatory bodies and customer protection in the insurance industry.    

Foreign participants from Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Britain, Thailand, South Korea, and Egypt will be taking part in the conference, according to Mahdavi.