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Germans Positive

Germans PositiveGermans Positive

German businesses are optimistic about the restoration of German-Iranian trade ties back to the pre-sanction levels in the coming months, a board member of the Berlin-based business advocacy group Berliner Wirtschaftsgespraeche said Wednesday. “We are almost certain that the Iranian nuclear issue will be resolved during the extended period of talks with the P5+1,” Wolf Burkhard Wenkel told IRNA. “We think there’s goodwill from all sides in the negotiations and that’s the prerequisite for better economic ties between Iran and the West,” Wenkel asserted. It’s time for the German businesses to make contact with their Iranian counterparts “as their Asian and European rivals are already active in the Iranian market,” he added. German exports to Iran surged during the first six months of this year (March 21-September 22), based on the latest statistics published by the European Union’s statistical office and the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce.