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Mercantile Exchange Picks Up

Mercantile Exchange Picks UpMercantile Exchange Picks Up

More than 528,000 metric tons of commodities were offered on the spot market at Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME), reported IME’s public relations and international affairs office on Tuesday.

Based on the report, Pasargad Oil Company offered 110,000 metric tons of bitumen on export products trading floor, while Jey Oil Company offered 102,000 metric tons of the same product.

Over 69,000 metric tons of different polymers – mainly ABS, SBR, PVC, and polyethylene – were to be offered on the oil and petrochemical products trading floor by various companies, including as Arvand, Amirkabir, Abadan, Tondgooyan, Shazand, Ghadir, and Maroon.

The buyers working on the industrial and mineral products trading floor could buy 115,300 metric tons of bloom by Khuzestan Steel Company at the base price of 15,290 rials per kg.

Esfahan Steel Company’s potential offers included 65,198 metric tons of girders size 14, as well as 6,000 metric tons of girders size 12. As much as 800 metric tons of alloy ingots and 600 metric tons of billets were also offered by the Iran Aluminium Company on the same trading floor.

The traders on soft commodities trading floor had the chance to buy 7,990 metric tons of premium dates, 250 metric tons of hard sugar, and 1,000 metric tons of durum wheat.

Other commodities offered on the floor for Tuesday included 200 metric tons of canola meal, 200 metric tons of Russian flint corn, and the same amount of wheat bran from Kazakhstan.