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Iran-India Trade Development Confab

Iran-India Trade Development ConfabIran-India Trade Development Confab

In a bid to attract foreign investment especially in industrial sectors around Tehran province, the Industry, Mine and Trade Organization of Tehran has organized a conference on developing bilateral trade with India, the chairman of IMTO told IRNA on Monday.  

The aim of the event, which will be held on December 8 at IRIB International Conference Hall, is to increase the volume of non-oil exports to India, which currently stands at $4 billion, according to Yadollah Sadeghi.

The conference also seek to introducing the trade opportunities and capabilities of Iran to India, and come up with solutions and recommendations to restructure and modify target markets in order to facilitate participation in these markets, he added.

“An Indian delegation composed of 25 businessmen as well as 400 domestic business professionals has been invited to take part in the event, which will also be attended by the ambassadors of the two countries,” said Sadeghi.  

During the one-day event, general issues regarding bilateral trade will be discussed by public and private sector authorities, Sadeghi said, adding that obstacles and barriers on the way of trade between the two countries will be addressed.

“The experts and business professionals of the two countries will exchange views on ways to facilitate and accelerate bilateral trade,” he said.

IMTO has consulted with the Indian ambassador to Tehran, asking his views to help enhance the quality of the conference, according to the chairman.

In addition to exploring strategies for facilitation of trade, the conference will also consider revising import and export tariffs of the two countries as well as relaxing visa requirements for government workers and tradesmen of the two countries.