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4th Int’l Kish Confab on Tech Management

4th Int’l Kish Confab on Tech Management4th Int’l Kish Confab on Tech Management

The fourth international and eighth national conference on the management of technology (IRAMOT 2014) will be held on December 1-2 on the Persian Gulf island of Kish.

“IRAMOT aims to enhance public awareness in the field of technology management,” said the president of Iranian Association for Management of Technology (IRAMOT) on Saturday.  

With the tagline “innovation and commercialization of knowledge and technology”, the conference focuses on the role of science and technology S&T diplomacy in developing S&T cooperation among domestic and international firms and S&T networks, said Manouchehr Manteghi, who is also the chairman of the conference.

The previous conferences were held with the participation of high ranking S&T authorities and more than 700 domestic and 40 international managers, experts, and professionals, said Manteghi, who hoped the event would bring about considerable achievements to the country.

The conference is annually held by the cooperation of national and international related ministries, organizations and accredited agencies. A great number of international experts also take part in the event.

 Main Subjects

The role of the network of SMEs, large companies, and knowledge-based firms in the commercialization of knowledge and technology; and the role of S&T diplomacy in the exports of technological products will be examined in the two-day conference, while the necessity of technology and innovation management in such firms will also be discussed, said Manteghi.

“At the same time, the characteristics of S&T diplomacy in the condition of sanctions will be introduced,” said the conference chairman.

The conference will focus on the role of the private sector and the need to attract foreign investment in the field of technology, he said, adding that “the challenges, necessities, and the role of the private sector in commercialization of knowledge and technology will be addressed in the conference.”

The influence of free trade and special economic zones, venture capitals funds, and financial institutions will also be examined in the commercialization of knowledge and technology.

Observing the intellectual property rights (IPR) is a crucial element in promoting cooperation among national innovation systems (NIS), according to the conference chairman, who added that “the barriers in the way of the formation and growth of knowledge and technology integration will also be discussed at the conference.”

The main areas of technology covered at the conference include information and communications technology, equipment manufacturing industries, aerospace industries, auto industries, as well as pharmaceuticals and energy.

The role of science and technology parks and incubators in commercialization of technology, technology transfer management, future studies, and formulating policies and strategies for technology development will be among the major topics discussed at the conference.