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IRALCO Dismantles Pollutant Segments

IRALCO Dismantles Pollutant  SegmentsIRALCO Dismantles Pollutant  Segments

Iran Aluminum Company has recently removed 72 environmentally hazardous aluminum smelting pots from one of its production lines, bringing the total number of pots removed from the line to 148, IRALCO Managing Director Majid Pour-Attar said. The aforementioned production line (Number 4) was one of IRALCO’s oldest and most pollutant.  According to Pour-Attar, the company’s next pollutant line (Number 5) will be renovated during the first quarter of the next fiscal year (starting March 21, 2017), the company’s public relations reported. The official added that another line was revamped in the last Iranian year (March 2015-16), which cut down energy consumption by 14% and boosted production by 7%. Hossein Ali Ebrahimi Karnami, the head of Markazi Province’s Department of Environment, said the dismantling of IRALCO’s production line is not only going to improve the province’s air quality but will also help the company cut down on its production costs by using more efficient machinery. IRALCO is the top aluminum producer of Iran. The plant was founded in Arak in 1972. Production stood at 180,000 tons last year, registering an over 9% growth compared to a year before.

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