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TSE Attractive to Foreign Investors

TSE Attractive to Foreign InvestorsTSE Attractive to Foreign Investors

Foreign investors are showing more signs of interest in the Tehran Stock Exchange following new regulations on foreign investment. Brokerage companies and individual investors from across Europe have expressed interest in sending large amounts of capital to the stock exchange, the CEO of the National Industrial Investment Co., said Tuesday.

Russians with €200 million lead the list of potential foreign traders, while investors from Germany and France have set aside 150 million euros each for TSE investment, Reza Soltanzadeh stated. “Other potential foreign investors come from Australia, Norway, and Greece,” he said, adding that most of these traders are interested in TSE’s secondary market, which provides low-risk investment opportunities for them.

“Even though the value of the rial has fallen against most major foreign currencies, foreign investors’ interest in Iran’s equity market seems to be growing as they can find lucrative trading opportunities here,” Soltanzadeh noted.

Foreign investors, he said, even in the aftermath of Monday’s extension of nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 group of major world powers are still interested in investing here “as they are not following the short-lived fluctuations in the TSE and are sure they can make big profits in this market.”