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Dollar Up, Gold Coin Drops

Dollar Up, Gold Coin DropsDollar Up, Gold Coin Drops

The US dollar experienced a hike in both the official exchange market and the Tehran open market on Wednesday as Bahar Azadi–the benchmark Iranian gold coin– fell.The greenback was traded at 32,037 rials in the official market and with a 150 rial increase, it was traded for 36,950 rials. Furthermore, Bahar Azadi was traded for 11,118,000 rials ($347) registering a 31,000 rials decrease compared to yesterday’s close, reports IRNA. The Half Azadi Gold Coin remained unchanged and was traded for 5,610,000 rials. After Donald Trump’s upset victory in the US elections last week, foreign exchange rates and gold coin prices surged in Tehran’s market. Reports soon after said some moneychangers had halted trade in the US currency for a short period.

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