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Iron Ore for Export at IME

Iron Ore for Export at IME
Iron Ore for Export at IME

More than 60,000 tons of iron ore at the base price of $33 per ton was offered by Mishdovan Iron Ore Complex on the export trading floor at the Iran Mercantile Exchange on Wednesday, IME’s public relations and international affairs office reported.

Moreover, 20,000 tons of sulfur lumps, worth $127 per ton was up for grabs by Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery Company on the same trading floor, while 130,000 tons of bitumen of various grades was supplied at the market for export purposes.

 Based on the market demand, 2,000 tons of 99.75%-purity aluminum ingots of Almahdi Hormozal Aluminum Company was to be traded, with the base price of 69,900 rials per kg, on the industrial and mining trading floor.

The report also said that 10 kg of various gold bullions were listed for trade by Mouteh Gold Complex on the industrial and mining trading board.

The oil and petrochemical trading floor reportedly witnessed trades of 61,000 tons of various chemicals including bitumen, sulfur and argon gas. This section of IME trading also recorded the exchange of acetic acid, sulfuric acid, benzene, industrial urea, 2-ethylhexanol, diethylene glycol, carbonate calcium, mono-ethylene glycol and vinyl acetate.  

According to the report, 520 tons of Russian barely, worth 9,580 rials per kg, 405 tons of corn, 300 tons of white sugar, and 250 tons of cubic sugar were offered on the agricultural trading floor.

Almost 1,500 tons of durum wheat, and 500 tons of sunflower meal flakes, were also to be traded on the agricultural trading floor on Wednesday.

Overall, 165,000 tons of different commodities were to be traded by potential customers on the spot market of the IME.