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EIHBank Deals Reach €5.5 Billion

EIHBank Deals Reach  €5.5 BillionEIHBank Deals Reach  €5.5 Billion

The Europaeisch-Iranische Handelsbank is now handling banking deals with Tehran worth €5.5 billion, announced the head of the German-Iranian Chamber of Industry and Commerce. “The road was cleared for Iran to do business with other countries when President Hassan Rouhani’s government took office, in a way that deals between the EIHBank and Tehran are now worth €5.5 billion,” Omid Yaraqi was quoted as saying by IRNA.”We still have not managed to establish links with German banks,” he said at the first meeting of the German-Iranian chamber on Wednesday in Tehran, citing “tax hurdles, lack of transparency regarding regulations pertaining to assets and a high risk of investment”. Yaraqi added that with the support of foreign companies, the Iranian government is trying to reduce investment risk.