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IME Monthly Trade Reaches 2.7m Tons

IME Monthly Trade Reaches 2.7m TonsIME Monthly Trade Reaches 2.7m Tons

Iran Mercantile Exchange saw the trading of about 2.7 million tons of commodities worth $1 billion in the Iranian month ending Sept. 21, which indicates an 8% growth compared to the previous month, IME reported on its website.

The traded commodities included 700,000 tons of steel products, 330,000 tons of iron ore, 22,020 tons of copper products, 11,980 tons of aluminum products, 500 tons of metallurgical coke, 2,500 tons of cement, 480 tons of sulfur molybdenum, 60 tons of zinc ingots, 12 tons of precious metals concentrate, 69 kilograms of gold bars, 494,000 tons of bitumen, 275,000 tons of polymers, 324,000 tons of vacuum bottoms, 91,000 tons of chemicals, 82,000 tons of lube-cut oil, 24,970 tons of sulfur, 150 tons of argon and 6,622 tons of insulations.

Agricultural trading featured 241,000 tons of barley, 4,940 tons of eggs, 11,274 tons of wheat, 1,600 tons of soybean, 14,500 tons of white sugar, 4 kilograms of saffron and 400 tons of unprocessed vegetable oil.