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Minister Joins Domestic Networking Apps

Minister Joins Domestic Networking AppsMinister Joins Domestic Networking Apps

The minister of communications and information technology joined domestically developed instant messaging applications, BisPhone, Syna, and Callyar, MNA reported on Tuesday.

The minister was already a member of Persian-language social networking websites like Cloob, Zigur, Aparat, Tebyan, and photo-sharing website Lenzor, according to the same report.

On his personal page in social networks, Mahmoud Va’ezi wrote that his ministry is seriously working on setting up a National Information Network (NIN) – also known as Internet-e Paak or the “Pure” Internet.

NIN is described as an independent countrywide network whose content is compatible with Islamic values.

One of the most important components of the NIN is the availability of localized services, wrote the minister, who characterized the role of the private sector to be constructive in achieving this aim, “especially in developing the required software”.

In a meeting with developers of the three Persian applications, i.e. BisPhone, Syna, and Callyar, who was described as “motivated young elites,” by the minister, Va’ezi said that his ministry is determined to facilitate the activity of similar talented groups and help them overcome their obstacles.

Since Rouhani took office last year, the ministry of communications has announced several times that it has no intention of blocking any more social networking websites. Meanwhile, the ministry has also shown interest in domestically developed websites that fulfill the same function.