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Iran-Turkey Export Banks Seek Enhanced Cooperation

Iran-Turkey Export Banks Seek Enhanced CooperationIran-Turkey Export Banks Seek Enhanced Cooperation

Officials of Export Development Bank of Iran (EDBI) and Eximbank of Turkey met on the sidelines of the 5th annual meeting of the Aman Union, which was hosted by the Export Guarantee Fund of Iran (EGFI) November 10-13, IRIB reported on Tuesday.

Alaaddin Metin, deputy manager of the Turkish bank visited EDBI to meet with Hossein Eyvazlou, board member of its Iranian counterpart.

In the meeting, the two sides called for promoting the level of cooperation, as well as facilitation of exports of goods and services between the two countries.

The development of tourism industry was also underlined by the officials of the two banks.

Also, the Iranian side was set to prepare a draft of cooperation between the two banks, aimed at increasing the level of interbank relations, as well as development of joint investments.

The agreement is to be finalize based on a previous agreement reached in 2010, when the two sides had agreed on financing the export of goods and services, as well as implementation of contract projects in the two countries.

The agreement also included articles on enhancing the amount of loans awarded to help increase exports between the two countries.

Eximbank of Turkey is a specialized export-import bank which is totally owned by the government of Turkey and provides services like financing export and import as well as related guaranteed services.