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Sinatella Celebrates Anniversary of Entrepreneurial Success

Sinatella CEO Sina Mohammadi speaks to a journalist at the first anniversary of Sinatella on Sept. 16.Sinatella CEO Sina Mohammadi speaks to a journalist at the first anniversary of Sinatella on Sept. 16.

Over 60% of Iran’s 80 million people are under 30 years and youth expectations for trendy cafes and recreation have increased.

It was an excellent opportunity for an ambitious young entrepreneur, Sina Mohammadi, who thought of catering to Iranian youths yearning to taste Nutella-based products by launching “Sinatella” franchises.

This concept has been welcomed by Iranian youth and Mohammadi increased the stores to 70 in Iran and three other countries, New York City-based news agency PR Newswire reported.

“My great honor is generating jobs for more than 1,300 Iranian youth, including 700 direct jobs,” Mohammadi, CEO of Sinatella, said.

Speaking at a ceremony to celebrate the first anniversary of its first store and to formally rebrand “Nutella Bar” as Sinatella, he pointed to his main wish of creating an international brand.

“As an Iranian brand, Sinatella not only will expand across the world, but its Iranian identity will become known by producing its raw materials in Iran, and it will help the country’s employment and economy,” he said.

The first anniversary and renaming ceremony of Sinatella was held on September 16. It was attended by its 70 representatives from across Iran, Turkey, Iraq and Russia, well-known Iranian artists, including Reza Yazdani, singer and composer, Ali Owji, actor and comedian, and Ms. Panahi, director of Ra’d Charity Institute.

Panahi said to meet its social responsibilities, Sinatella has recruited many physically handicapped members of the institute.

“Sinatella is an identity developed to meet one of the basic needs of Iranian young and dynamic society,” Shahram Seyf-Hashemi, Sinatella’s brand strategist, said in his speech.

Elaborating on Sinatella’s expansion plans, Seyf-Hashemi said, “We had some problems in the first phase of this brand’s life; the problem was that the ‘Nutella’ name had limited us to expand internationally; actually, Nutella just supplies the raw materials of Sinatella products and the idea of Nutella Bar and now Sinatella is the fruit of Iranian thought and creativity. Now, relying on its Iranian brand and identity, Sinatella can expand its activities across the world and reach more international markets.”

Seyf-Hashemi further said the Sinatella franchise is seeking to compete with international franchises working in this field.