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Insurance for Foreigners Made Easier

Insurance for Foreigners Made EasierInsurance for Foreigners Made Easier

The director general of foreign nationals’ affairs at the Social Security Organization (SSO) elaborated on regulations and conditions based on which foreign nationals can buy insurance in Iran.

“Two main objectives of the Administrative System for Foreign Nationals’ Affairs (ASFNA) affiliated to the SSO are to insure foreigners living in Iran and Iranians living outside the country,” Hussein Joudaki was quoted as saying by ISNA.

The official, who was speaking at the unveiling of a newly-formed administration system, explained the mechanism on which foreign nationals will be insured.

“Foreign nationals who have a work permit and reside in Iran are the main target of the latest insurance scheme devised by the SSO,” he said. “This will include foreigners already insured in their own country or are working in Free Trade Zones.”

After the ASFNA began its work officially, he said, its first move was to start collaboration with organizations in charge issues pertaining to foreign nationals. “This collaboration took effect and now that a year has passed, the joint efforts are at the highest level and a number of agreements have been signed with the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security and other relevant organizations.”

Joudaki also referred to the easing of conditions based on which foreign nationals will be able to buy insurance, saying an official decree was issued and subsequently communicated to all the provinces. The decree, he said, allows foreigners to apply for individual (personal) insurance, meaning that they will not have to list an employer in order to have an insurance policy.

The official also announced that registration of foreign nationals has begun in all branches of the SSO, adding that all legal foreign residents will have an ID in the system. “When they enter their exclusive ID number that is on their residency card and their employment number, their personal data will be on display.”

On insurance pertaining to Iranian expats, he said a number of them applied for insurance and the necessary measures were undertaken. “Countries with the highest number of Iranians were given higher priority and a system was designed so that our countrymen based overseas can be covered in the easiest manner possible.”

A special branch has been opened in Tehran to this effect. It is working in concert with the overall system and will soon establish contact with the applicants.