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Bustling Day at Spot Market

Bustling Day at Spot Market
Bustling Day at Spot Market

Almost 157,000 tons of various commodities were offered on the spot market at the Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) on Monday, IME’s public relations and international affairs office reported.

Hormozgan Steel Company (HSC) had 20,000 tons of slab c to be offered at the base price of 14,320 rials per kilogram on the industrial and mining trading floor. The HSC has also announced that based on the market demand 60,000 tons of the same commodity was in its stock to be supplied for potential trade offers.

More than 60 tons of copper wire by Kaveh Copper Industrial Company, worth 220,080 rials per kilogram as well as 10 kilogram of gold bullion from Mouteh Gold Complex was to be offered on the same trading floor at spot market.

In addition, 34 grades of different polymers from local petrochemical complexes were expected to be traded on the oil and petrochemical trading floor. The dealings on this trading floor also included 41,000 tons of bitumen of various grades, 15,000 tons of vacuum bottom, and 11,000 tons of lube cut.

The report also said that local suppliers planned to offer 5,950 tons of bitumen 6070 on the export trading floor.

Monday’s trading on the agricultural floor was expected to include 500 tons of sunflower meal, 500 tons of soybean flakes, 7,990 tons of Bushehr Kabkab dates, 200 tons of white sugar, 250 tons of cubic sugar, and 200 tons of Indian rice.