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New Chief at RAJA

New Chief at RAJANew Chief at RAJA

Mohammad Rajabi has been appointed as the new managing director of RAJA Rail Transportation Company by the Tourism Holding Company’s Social Security Organization (known by its Persian abbreviation HEGTA).

HEGTA is the biggest company active in the tourism industry in Iran. It comprises seven subsidiaries including the RAJA Rail Transportation Company, the Homa Hotel Group, the Abadgaran Iran Tourism and Welfare Complex, Anzali Dehkadeh Saheli Residential Complex, Refah Gostar of Social Security Organization, Iran Touring and Tourism Investment Company and Tamin International Travel Tourist Services Company.

RAJA was established in November 1996 as an arm of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways with the aim of improving the quality and quantity of railroad passenger services.  It was transferred to HEGTA in March 2010 as part of IRIR’s outstanding debt to the organization.