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New Method of DRI Production

New Method of DRI Production New Method of DRI Production

Kavir Damghan Steel Company is to employ the so-called Stelco-Lurgi/Republic Steel-National Lead (SL/RN) method to produce direct reduced iron.

The technology, which will be imported from India, reduces  production costs and increases output, according to the managing director of the company, Mehdi Ranjbari.

The new production method will enable KDSCO to forego investment in expanding pellet production while adding 200,000 tons to the plant’s annual 300,000-ton DRI output, he added. SL/RN process is the most widely used coal-based direct reduction process in the world.

Its features include the ability to use a wide-range of ferrous materials such as lump iron ore, pellets, beach sand or ilmenite ore and solid carbon to produce DRI. SL/RN’s waste gas can also be recovered and reused through steam generation, the Persian-language newspaper Donya-e-Eqtesad reported.