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ATM Transactions Up 11%

ATM Transactions Up 11%ATM Transactions Up 11%

Shetab, Iran’s national interbank transaction network, hosted 1.3 billion transactions during the month ending June 20, with a total worth of 1.9 quadrillion rials ($61.2 billion).  According to Central Bank of Iran’s Payment Systems’ Monthly Bulletin, ATMs were used for conducting about 283 million transactions, reporting an 11.3% growth compared with the same period of last year. ATM transactions’ value totaled 559 trillion rials ($19.2 billion) during the period, up by 16.8% at an annualized rate. Shaparak, the national e-payment network, hosted 995 million transactions during the same period, with a total worth of 1 quadrillion rials ($32.2 billion).