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Envoy Discusses Banking Ties in Bucharest

Envoy Discusses Banking Ties in BucharestEnvoy Discusses Banking Ties in Bucharest

In a meeting between the Iranian ambassador to Bucharest and the deputy governor of the central bank of Romania, the two sides discussed forming a joint economic committee to expand banking and financial collaboration.

“There is a good potential for economic and trade cooperation between the two countries and that is why we agreed on setting up a joint economic committee within the next three months,” said Hamid Moayyer Friday after meeting Liviu Voinea in Bucharest, referring to a history of friendly relations between the two countries, reports IRNA.

In the meeting held at the National Bank of Romania, the envoy pointed to the meetings between the two foreign ministers and said: “What matters is creating a suitable ground to jump-start the joint efforts which is a key element in forming banking and financial collaboration.”

On establishing banking ties, he said Iran has expressed readiness in starting negotiations and banking deals, “which we hope will help resolve problems pertaining to bilateral banking transactions by accelerating matters with the Romanian central bank.”  

The senior Romanian official referred to the joint efforts between the two countries, emphasizing his country’s willingness to expand bilateral economic ties. With the Iran-Romania joint economic committee convening soon, Voinea promised to facilitate and remove the barriers to closer collaboration and said  “Banking deals between Iran and Romania can now be done via the EIH Bank.”