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Weekly IME Trade Up 92%

Weekly IME Trade Up 92%
Weekly IME Trade Up 92%

Around 550,000 metric tons of goods were traded at the Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) during the week leading up to November 13, marking a 92% and 58% increase in terms of volume and value, respectively, compared to a week earlier.

Ten commodities experienced growth in trade, namely copper, aluminum, molybdenum concentrate, vacuum bottom, lube cut, sulphur, bitumen, insulations, and polymers, reported the IME’s public relations and international affairs office on Friday.

Based on the report, some 200,000 tons of commodities were traded on the export trading floor for industrial and mineral goods at nearly 3.3 trillion rials, including 139,000 tons of steel and steel products, 50,000 tons of iron ore, 7,950 tons of copper, 3,000 tons of aluminum, 60 tons of zinc ingots, 9 tons of molybdenum concentrate, and 200 tons of coke.

The oil and petrochemical trading floor also registered trading of 345,000 tons of commodities, including 197,000 tons of different grades of bitumen, 48,000 tons of polymers, 61,000 tons of vacuum bottom, 11,000 tons of different lube cuts, 21,000 tons of chemicals, and 6,920 tons of sulfur.

The soft commodities trading floor, as often, did not record as much in trades as only 685 tons of food products, including 2,875 tons of corn, 400 tons of barley, and 25 tons of sugar lumps were traded.