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“Focus Iran Summit” Scheduled for Sept. in Tehran

“Focus Iran Summit” Scheduled for Sept. in Tehran“Focus Iran Summit” Scheduled for Sept. in Tehran

Tehran-based law firm Open Iran Group and London-based International Finance Magazine plan to hold “Focus Iran Summit” in the Iranian capital’s Espinas Hotel from 26th to 27th September 2016.

The event’s stated aim is to nurture partnerships with “global investment banks, trade and business councils, PE and asset management firms, venture capitalists, legal counsel and academia, technology and service companies that are keen to participate in Iran’s impending success in energy, banking and financial services, industrial and manufacturing, transport, infrastructure and ICT, tourism and mining,” Open Iran Group’s website declared.

“Following many years of international trade isolation, Iran has returned to the global fore by opening its doors to foreign investments and alliances. A vastly abundant state of geostrategic importance, Iran is a Middle Eastern dynamo with well-established capital markets, a rooted industrial sector and at its core a young and well-educated population of under 80 million people.

“Diversification of the economy has propelled a flurry of activity from a range of industrial sectors. In preparation for global influxes in the form of knowledge, capital and technology into the market, a conducive and secure business regulation to protect foreign investments has been structured effectively.

“To further strengthen these bonds and transform its processes to meet global regulatory standards, Iran today has more than 60 bilateral investment treaties, a thriving human capital workforce and has already begun propelling itself towards the frontiers of economic success.

“At this two-day summit, stakeholders can engage with the best and brightest minds in Iran who have chalked out a development strategy that could provide the country a wealth of opportunities.

“Through interactive panel discussions, the industry’s best will give you firsthand information about the country’s economic standpoint, rally discussions on the changing nature of laws, improved trade provisions and discuss a host of lucrative business opportunities.

“In addition, there will be ample networking sessions that will provide the right platform for industry leaders, stakeholders and investors to engage further.”

The organizers have invited chairmen, CEOs and COOs; CFOs and finance directors; chief strategy officers/global strategy directors; managing directors and managing partners; heads of Middle East/EMEA; SVPS, VPS, or directors of international operations/development; country risk analysts and directors of international affairs; sanctions advisors as well as government and academia from trade and government organizations, law firms, technology providers and professionals from oil and gas, banking and financial services, manufacturing, infrastructure and hospitality sectors.