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100 Firms to Attend Kish Air Show

100 Firms to Attend Kish Air Show
100 Firms to Attend Kish Air Show

A hundred foreign and Iranian companies have confirmed that they will participate in the 7th Biannual Iran Kish Air Show to be held on November 18 in Kish Island.

85 Iranian and 15 foreign companies have already signed up for the exhibition, Ali Mohammad Khan-Mohammadi, vice-secretary of the exhibition said to IRNA.

Iran’s State Airports Organization, Aviation Industries Organization, Kish Air, Taban Air, Saha Air, Helicopter Manufacturing Industries, National Geographical Organization, Sa-Iran, Pasco, Farsco, Avico and Navid-Tak are among the notable national participants.

The upcoming exhibition, the seventh to be held since 2002, is held biannually and is considered as one of the most recognized events in Iran’s aviation sector.

The exhibition is expected to provide a platform for displaying latest domestic achievements in the aviation industry and also seeks to highlight the importance of airplane renovation and the development of infrastructures including airports, he added.

The organizers plan to introduce the advantages of Iranian air transit routes as a regional hub to the world players through a series of plenary sessions, panel discussions and private meetings over the course of the event, he explained.

Other objectives envisaged for the event include attracting renowned foreign companies to exchange expertise and capabilities with Iranian counterparts and transforming Kish Island to an aviation hub in the country, according to Khan-Mohammadi.  

“This year’s air show will be focused on quality and enhancing the effectiveness of Iran’s civil aviation industry.  We are committed to using year’s air show to raise awareness among foreign partners and participants about Iran’s current capacities as well as our needs.   We believe the current political and economic landscape demands more active engagement and we are well positioned to take advantage of these opportunities as they arise.” said Roozbeh Aliabadi  - adviser to the event.

The event includes two parts, these include an exhibition where the latest aviation and aerospace achievements are showcased, as well as an air show during which light and ultra-light airplanes will fly over the venue for the audience.

The exhibition that is jointly organized by State Aviation Company, Kish Investement and Development Company and Kish Free Trade Zone Organization, will open on Tuesday, November 18 at 10:00AM in Kish International Fairground and ends on November 21.

It will be open to public from 10 to 14 and the air show will take place from 14:30 to 16:30.