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Future Depends on Knowledge-Based Economy

Future Depends on  Knowledge-Based Economy
Future Depends on  Knowledge-Based Economy

The realization of the Economy of Resistance depends upon being connected with a knowledge-based economy, the president of Zanjan Science and Technology Park told IRNA on Tuesday.

Jalil Khavand-Kar who is also a board member of the Science and Technology Parks and Incubators Association of Iran said that focusing on a knowledge-based economy can bring about more economic dynamism to the country.

“S&T parks and incubators play a significant role in the process of transforming knowledge into wealth, as well as supporting start-ups and knowledge-based companies,” said Khavand-Kar.

Characterizing the growth of S&T parks and incubators in Iran as favorable, he said that in line of their activities, the parks have produced various products that have been offered in the market.

“A home-grown economy has no other choice but to produce knowledge,” said the park’s president, adding that once the country starts moving in this direction, the economy will boom.

The successful experience with Iranian science and technology parks has motivated neighboring countries such as Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan to sign agreements with these parks in order to exchange experience and knowledge, said Khavand-Kar.    

The new government has revived the spirits of these parks by allocating appropriate funds and investment, he further noted.