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2.2m Sales Outlets Operating Across Iran

2.2m Sales Outlets Operating Across Iran2.2m Sales Outlets Operating Across Iran

Close to 2.2 million licensed sales outlets are active across the country, according to the Statistical Center of Iran.

Grocery stores, real-estate agencies and hair salons are the most ubiquitous of all the businesses.

Grocery stores account for over 170,000 or 8% of the total figure, real-estate agencies 117,000 or 5.5%, and hair salons 68,000 or 3.2%, IRNA reported.

Tehran, Khorasan Razavi and Isfahan are home to the highest number of businesses compared to other Iranian cities.

Around 14.5% of all the businesses are located in Tehran, with 7.7% in Khorasan Razavi and 7.5% in Isfahan.

Kohgilouyeh-Boyerahmad, Ilam and North Khorasan provinces are at the bottom of the list, holding 1.1%, 1% and 0.99% of the country’s businesses respectively.

According to SCI, about 98.6% of all the businesses operating across the country are in possession of a permanent license with the rest owning temporary licenses.