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161KT of Goods Traded at IME

161KT of Goods Traded at IME161KT of Goods Traded at IME

Iran Mercantile Exchange saw the trading of 161,000 tons of goods on Sunday, including 15,430 tons of barley, 500 tons of corn, 6,800 tons of white sugar, 50 tons of aluminum ingot, 8,500 tons of steel sheet, 82,500 tons of rebar, 3 tons of precious metal concentrate, 120 tons of sulfur molybdenum, 2,000 tons of copper cathode, 700 tons of copper wire, 12,000 tons of vacuum bottom, 9,000 tons of lube-cut oil, 600 tons of sulfur, 210 tons of chemicals, 436 tons of polymers and 12,135 tons of bitumen. About 9,820 tons of bitumen were also traded for export purposes, IME reported on its website.