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Karafarin, Mellat Coop.

Karafarin,  Mellat Coop. Karafarin,  Mellat Coop.

Karafarin Insurance, affiliated to Karafarin Bank, on Wednesday signed a three-year contract with Bank Mellat, to use the private lenders’ e-banking, and investment banking services. Based on the contract, a part of the insurer’s bank accounts will be transferred to Bank Mellat. Gholam Ali Gholami, Karafarin Insurance’s deputy chief, said that Mellat Bank has been a successful bank and that many insurance companies are using its services,” reported. Bank Mellat itself has two affiliated insurance companies, MA Insurance and Mellat Insurance. Karafarin Insurance Company, established in 2003, is one of the first private insurance companies. It has 1847 agents across the country.