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Bank Day, ACCO Sign Contract

Bank Day, ACCO Sign ContractBank Day, ACCO Sign Contract

Bank Day and the Association of Construction Companies (ACCO) have signed a contract to expand cooperation.

In the signing ceremony Bank Day director Alireza Atefifar assured that his bank is ready to offer a variety of services and goods to companies, especially engineering firms within the confines of the new agreement.

“With this new collaboration between us and the Association of Construction Companies, Bank Day will offer services and provide the necessary prerequisites for construction projects”, he said as quoted by BankeMardom website.

Before the deal some essential issues were discussed for months, according to Bahman Dadman, executive manager for the ACCO. The first was foreign currency and rial accounts “opened for the companies affiliated to the ACCO.”

He said another outcome of the agreement would be that Bank Day will focus more on reducing bank charges for issuing guarantees.

The contract was signed by Atefifar, Dadman, Bank Day board member Mohammad Ali Movarej and ACCO board member Kazem Samak to commence work on projects owned by companies affiliated to the ACCO, lend for buying machinery and equipment, open letters of credit and offer loans in foreign currency and rials.