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34KT of Goods Traded at IME

34KT of Goods Traded at IME34KT of Goods Traded at IME

Iran Mercantile Exchange played host to the trading of more than 34,200 tons of goods on Monday. These included 4,000 tons of white sugar, 400 tons of corn, three tons of turmeric, 6 tons of precious metal concentrate, 140 tons of sulfur molybdenum, 2,500 tons of copper cathode, 1,500 tons of low-grade copper, 800 tons of copper wire, 4,000 tons of steel rebar, 11,500 tons of lube cut oil, 100 tons of sulfur lump, 5,900 tons of polymers, 130 tons of chemicals and 1,720 tons of bitumen. Also, 1,500 tons of bitumen were traded for export purposes, the IME reported on its website.