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Banking Ties With Poles

Banking Ties With Poles
Banking Ties With Poles

A senior Polish official has voiced his country’s readiness to expand cooperation with Iran in the banking sector, FNA reported.

“We hope that the western sanctions against Iran will be lifted by November 24 while we are looking forward to providing banking services to Iranian businessmen and supporting investments by Polish banks in Iran,” Head of the Polish Center for International Relations (CIR) Maygo Rosetta Buniko Feska said, addressing a conference marking the 540th Anniversary of Iran-Poland Diplomatic Relations in Tehran on Sunday.

Earlier Sunday, Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, in a message to the same conference underlined historical commonalities of Iran and Poland, picturing bright prospects for the future of Tehran-Warsaw ties.

The event is held by the foreign ministry in cooperation with the Polish Embassy in Tehran.

Meanwhile, an exhibition of historical documents featuring Iran-Poland bilateral ties since the Safavid era as well as relevant books is underway on the sidelines of the conference.

Diplomatic ties between Iran and Poland started in the 17th century and several large institutions for Oriental studies are now active in Poland. Iranians hosted 100,000 Polish and provided them with welfare facilities during the Second World War after Germany occupied the East European country.