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Tayyebnia Confers With Austrian Economic Officials

Tayyebnia Confers With Austrian Economic OfficialsTayyebnia Confers With Austrian Economic Officials

Expanding banking ties and countering terrorism financing are the key issues at stake for Iran, said Ali Tayyebnia, the minister of economy in a meeting with Austria’s Minister of Finance Hans Jorg Shelling in Vienna on Friday.

Tayyebnia who was in Austria for the OPEC summit, pointed to the agreements in a previous meeting between Shelling and Mohammad Khazai, head of  Organization for Economic Investment and Technical Assistance of Iran, calling for expanding two-way economic ties.

“We have taken measures in order to promote transparency in the banking system while ratifying new CTF and AML laws. We seek closer cooperation with regard to banking laws and relations,” he was quoted as saying.

Tayyebnia proposed that a committee be formed to accelerate the implementation of agreements between the two countries. “The committee can be headed jointly by Oesterreichische Kontrollbank (OKB) and the Organization for Economic Investment and Technical Assistance of Iran. The committee can also help address problems caused for Austrian companies during the sanctions’ era.” Shelling said his country is prepared to cooperate with Iranian banks saying his ministry has urged Austrian banks to prepare the ground for expanding ties with Iranian banks. “What is important for Iranian banks is to adapt themselves with modern banking laws. Iranian and Austrain banks should establish closer ties in this area.”

In talks with the head of Oesterreichische Kontrollbank, Rudolf Scholten, Tayyebnia pointed to a previous meeting between the two sides. “We were quite successful in settling the issue of Iranian banks’ debts to Austrian entities in the previous meetings.”

Scholten thanked the Organization for Economic Investment and Technical Assistance of Iran and the Central Bank of Iran for helping settle the issue of Iranian banking debts to Austrian organizations. “We are willing to fund projects which are on Iran’s agenda and will issue the required guarantees. This could serve as a new chapter in strengthening financial relations and investment between Iran and Austria.”

The head of Oesterreichische Kontrollbank (OKB) stated that his bank, the Austrian government and the European nation’s private sector are keen on promoting economic and trade ties with Iran’s lenders and financial institutions.