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Packaging Festival to Address Domestic Industry’s Shortcomings

Packaging Festival to Address Domestic Industry’s ShortcomingsPackaging Festival to Address Domestic Industry’s Shortcomings

The International Festival of Leaders in Packaging Industry is scheduled to open on May 30, which is to be followed by a four-day specialized exhibition in the field.

“In recent years, packaging has never been a priority of major domestic industries, therefore it became isolated and unable to establish international connections,” says the event’s organizer, Afshin Fakhr.

The event will cover a wide range of areas, including transportation, industrial packaging, food, beverages, health and cosmetics, home appliances, electronics, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment sales and distribution.

It is aimed at transferring knowledge and technology into the country along with promoting Iran’s underdeveloped packaging industry.

“A strong packaging industry is essential, if the country is eying developed countries as new export destinations for its non-oil exports,” says Mohammad Reza Modoudi, deputy head of Trade Promotion Organization of Iran.

“Iraq and Afghanistan have traditionally been two of our main export destinations. Since they are facing domestic turbulence, they do not seek high quality packaging because of the extra expenses it entails. But this is not the case with developed countries,” he added.

The official noted that Iran is a member of the World Packaging Organization and the Asian Packaging Federation.

“At present, there are some 20,000 exporters active in the country and our membership in WPO and APF provides us with the opportunity to train our businesspeople in the packaging industry, enter joint cooperation with other unions and companies active in the area and take part in related conferences, workshops and contests,” he said.

According to Modoudi, 50 countries have been designated as export targets for non-oil products, including China, Germany, France and Italy, IRNA reported.