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Website Surveys Top Banking Ads

Website Surveys Top Banking AdsWebsite Surveys Top Banking Ads

Respondents to a recent survey by, a website specializing in ad industry news, have said that Tourism Bank’s ad campaigns have had the most effect on them among the ads run by domestic lenders.

The popular website had asked users to come up with three banks offering the most effective ads. Some 7,500 participants cast their votes during a two-week period ending May 1. Tourism Bank topped the list of favorite ads with 24% of the votes. Saman Bank and Shahr Bank came next at 15% and 12%.

Tourism Bank efforts geared to the hospitability industry has in fact provided the lender with plenty of creative options in launching their ads. One famous billboard pun featuring the name of the bank said: There’s Money in Tourism.

“We developed the advertisement campaign based on the demand of wisdom and acceptable norms to maximize its impact,” said Mehdi Asadi, head of Tourism Bank’s public relations office, the bank’s website reported.

The results show 20 other banks accounted for 19% of the votes. State-owned banks failed to impress the public, as eight public-sector banks collectively accounted for only 10% of the votes.